SD Dream Team UndocuBlog!

Hello, sonador@s, luchador@s, trabajador@s, y mucho mucho maaaas!

Welcome to the birth of the San Diego Dream Team UndocuBlog! We will be sharing all kinds of posts with you on a weekly basis starting right about now. Join us on this journey to connect through blogging and art (in its many definitions)! Make sure to also share us with your friends! Soon we will share more further details on how to submit to our blog. Looking forward to all the powerful expressions that will come out of this project.

With much undoculove,

the blog facilitators (who you can meet below)


In 2010, two years after attending UC Santa Cruz and graduating with a major in Feminist Studies  I entered the San Diego State University Marriage and Family Therapy Masters program. The emotional struggles of being undocumented and the difficult experience in overcoming the remains of abusive relationships guided me towards this field. My vision is to build creative spaces that merge therapy, artistic expression, community organizing, and social justice for healing, empowerment, and connection amongst individuals. I want all the latter tools to be accessible to others just like I have been fortunate enough to use them in my life. Every human being deserves the opportunity to feel uplifted in his or her community while resisting oppression. So here I am as one of the facilitators of this blog hoping that it will be a space for everyone to share all forms of expression (poetry, writing, graphic art, paintings, videos, etc) and take take risks sharing our humanity. Let’s resist together through any means 🙂


Writing is something I am recently getting used to. I never thought myself as a writer. This though has been able to help me heal in a way and allowed me to share my thoughts with everyone.

Growing up in a culture like mine it is very hard to share what you feel with your family. We are taught to hide our tears, our bruises and keep going with our lives. We are taught to be strong ‘luchadores’ and to work hard but sometimes we just need to let it all out.  For so many years I’ve hurt inside just hiding my own struggles and it accumulated to a point where I just exploded.

Now though I have met individuals like me and because of that I have been able to talk, cry, hug and listen to similar stories. I even have the courage to write something so others can read. Therefore my partner and I have decided to have this space for others like us to have the opportunity to write a story or poem, to share a drawing or painting. Just anything that says who you are.